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23 Apr 2024

Marketing Trends for 2023 The Most Important

Marketing Trends: As 2022 magnets to a finish, it’s stage to think about and make plans for the future year (till 2023).

In many nations, the state has nearly returned to normal in 2022, although some anti-Covid rules still need to be considered. One example is wearing a mask indoors, in a public place, or in a medical facility. Every country is different. What is certain is that we have returned to normal life, where we combine grips and physical events with digital experiences. Now, we live in a digital world.

Do you want to see what marketing trends 2023 will carry us? At Cyberclick we have made a selection of the most interesting ones, so keep reading!

Have a Dynamic and Personalized Marketing Plan

The marketing plan as we knew it is dead. Before, we made a marketing plan for one year and very rarely changed it. We just ran it right. In the digital environment that is not feasible.

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving and that means that if we make an annual plan we have to review it at least every 3 months to adapt it to reality, and above all, so that no opportunity escapes us.

We are increasingly talking about a  marketing plan focused on agile and dynamic methodologies, which can be worked on in real time , and based on data and experimentation.

And very importantly, the user must always be at the center of the plan, to cover their needs and concerns at all times.

You should keep in mind that in marketing and technology there is no magic recipe that works for everyone. The good thing is that we have many options, such as the ones we will discuss in this article, and each company must find which one will allow it to grow.

Remember that we have a  course where we talk about how you can focus your marketing plan for 2023.

Consolidation of TikTok and the Short Video

TikTok has become one of the fashionable social networks. Many brands have already implemented it in their marketing strategies due to its popularity, as well as with the idea of reaching especially young audiences. Its more than 1,000 million active users per month (according to  Statista ) means that it has been targeted by many companies, and now it is expected that throughout 2023 the number of users will increase even more.

In addition, the short video format is not only succeeding on TikTok With their Reels and Shorts, Instagram and YouTube, respectively, are firmly dedicated to this format in 2023 and want to add more monetization and reach tools to draw in businesses and content providers.

B2B and SEO Businesses on TikTok

Speaking of TikTok, do you search on TikTok or on Google? This could be an indicator of your age. According to the older vice president of the search engine company,  young users are increasingly searching directly on TikTok when they have a question or a need.. It revealed that according to internal Google studies, 40% of users between the ages of 18 and 24 when looking for a place to eat, for example, do not search on Google Maps or Search, but on networks such as Instagram or Tiktok. The reason is that they prefer more visual formats, such as video and photos. So if we want to appear as a company in the top positions, it is necessary to expand our reach to TikTok and start creating valuable content, based on the SEO of that platform. You will not only appear on this social network, but also on Google itself, since it has recently started to insert TikTok in some searches.

Greater Importance to Brand Values

Brand value  becomes essential to drive the growth of the company , since it is the additional value that a product or service achieves for being of a certain brand. In other words, it is what makes the company influential and respectable and, consequently, increases the value of what it offers. All this leads the customer to have  greater confidence in the purchase decision , in addition to the brand being better known among the target audience.

Authenticity in Social Networks

If a few years ago having an extremely well-designed and artificial Instagram profile was the fashion.

Currently the trend is to be authentic and close . We have seen it on social networks like TikTok.

Which encourages the creation of videos recorded with the mobile itself, with a  simple edition  that is often limited to text and quick cuts. But there is another even clearer example, as is the case of  BeReal.

This photographic social network sends you a single notification during the day, at a random moment. Then you have 2 minutes to post your daily photo, and it has to be a photo that you take at that moment, it is not valid with an image from the gallery. Although there are still few brands creating content on BeReal, it is a social network to take into account due to its potential and innovative approach. In addition, it shows that users increasingly value authenticity as a value and as a way of communicating. Apply it on other social networks and when you send messages to your potential client.

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