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21 May 2024

Local SEO is a crucial tool for businesses that have physical stores since it allows us to direct users to them based on their searches. For example, if any one search in google for “Chinese restaurant”, Google will suggest nearby restaurants for them to visit.

The local SEO of a Company in Google depends on Three Factors:

Relevance – How closely a user’s search matches a local business.

Distance – How far away is the store or business based on the user’s location.

Prominence – How well known a company or place is. Very famous sites may appear earlier in Google local search results, even if they are not as close as others.

In order to position in Google’s local SEO results, it is essential to be registered in  Google My Business, Google’s service for companies. Here you can create a free profile with information about your business.

To Improve the local SEO of your Company in Google, Write down these Recommendations:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your business to be more relevant.
  • Describe your company with unique and valuable information that includes the most important keywords.
  • Verify your business locations with Google My Business so they can show up in search results.
  • Add photos to listings to make them more engaging and informative for users.
  • Encourage customers to leave you reviews on Google and respond to them.
  • Keep your hours up to date so potential customers know when you’re open.

Link Building Strategy and Guest Posting

Link building and guest posting are two fundamental elements of off page SEO . In both cases, the objective is to generate links to your website that increase its authority in the face of search engines and attract organic visits.

Link Building

Link building is based on generating  incoming links  to our website. It is very important to keep in mind that paying for links or resorting to spam is penalized; It is always necessary to put in the first place that the links created are providing real value to the user or otherwise we will expose ourselves to a penalty from Google.

These are Some Basic Recommendations for Quality Link Building:

  • Do an analysis  of your reputation and the competition. Not all links are worth the same, so you have to assess which websites are linking to us and how much authority they have.
  • Look for collaborations  with websites in your sector. It is useless for the page that links you to have a lot of authority, if the theme has nothing to do with yours.
  • Use different types of anchor text . Overly optimized anchor texts are suspicious for Google, as they indicate that the links have been obtained using fraudulent techniques. In the same way, be careful with the ratio of nofollow and dofollow links.
  • Go little by little. There are automatic programs to generate links in a massive way, but Google easily detects and penalizes them. The best thing is that the links are generated organically and progressively.

Guest posting

Guest posting is based on publishing  articles as a guest  on other blogs in your sector, so that an incoming link is generated from their website to yours. For this technique to work, we must always prioritize the quality of both the website that hosts our article and the content itself.

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