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24 May 2024

How to Create an Exceptional Digital Marketing Plan (Step by Step)

Marketing Plan – Businesses today need an online presence to compete properly. Without a doubt, trying to develop a company plan without taking this component into consideration is like to trying to sell a product without knowing who is going to sell it. Businesses now have a plethora of opportunities thanks to digitalization, but using these potential requires a well-thought-out plan that outlines objectives, tactics, and next steps.

Possess a Plan for Internet Marketing?

A digital marketing plan is used to keep all strategies related to demand generation in one document. This means that if your company sells personalized dolls through an e-commerce site, the plan will consist of all those concrete strategies and actions aimed at improving the demand for your offer.

In general, a digital marketing plan includes at least one or a mixture of the following objectives:

  1. Access to digital channels
  2. Brand vision
  3. Web positioning

The aspects that you investigate and the strategies that you design will be defined by the objectives. If the purpose is to improve the visibility of the brand, then your plan will be focused on the social networks or mass media that your public uses regularly.

In addition, the marketing plan objectives will help you establish other key aspects of each campaign, including the following:

  • Mission and secondary objectives
  • buyer personas
  • Budget
  • SEO Strategy
  • content strategy
  • social media channels
  • Metrics of interest
  • Required job profiles

Objectives Of A Digital Marketing Plan

As a matter of principle, the digital marketing plan must be aligned with the business objectives. If a company plans to improve its sales, the plan will have to go in the same direction. It is time to proceed with the definition of the objectives, which can broadly be the following:

  • Improve reach on digital channels
  • Increase brand visibility and recognition
  • Position yourself better in the web results
  • Get more customers
  • Loyalty to the customer base
  • Increase sales
  • Optimize lead conversion
  • Improve campaign ROI

Each of these objectives will have a series of associated strategies and actions, with their respective indicators of success and the metrics that must be monitored during the implementation of the plan. These aspects will be contained in the digital marketing plan in detail.

How To Make A Digital Marketing Plan?

  1. Analyze your company.
  2. Perform a SWOT analysis.
  3. Define digital marketing objectives.
  4. Define digital marketing strategies.
  5. Choose the metrics.
  6. Implement the digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Content marketing: valuable content on the website, the business blog and social networks to position Inter Home as a benchmark in the real estate market.

Email marketing: email strategy for subscribed users with the purpose of improving the visibility of content and sharing offers.

Online advertising: ad campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google to increase the visibility of the website and redirect to landing pages.

Virtual tours of properties: Leverage virtual tours to incentivize the desire to buy and the interest of potential clients who cannot visit the properties immediately.

At this point in the marketing plan, you must assign the goals or actions to the team members and establish dates for their fulfillment. In most cases, it is relevant to measure performance (with some of the metrics that we mentioned above) in the middle of the process to assess its effectiveness or make the pertinent modifications.

As you can see, preparing a digital marketing plan is not that complex, it simply requires an analysis of the state of your company, establishing general and specific objectives, implementing the actions that lead you to fulfill those purposes and evaluating its performance.

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