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23 Apr 2024

The Complete Guide to Creating Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies – People are giving more and more time on the internet, so this is the perfect way to find new clients and boost your business. It is estimated that digital advertising can increase brand awareness by up to 80%, which of course also helps you increase your sales.

To really grab the attention of internet users, you need to design a digital marketing strategy. Next, we show you what actions you require, how you can perform them, and some examples.

What Is The Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is planning certain steps to reach specific goals, through online media, which includes aspects such as creating and publishing content through websites and social networks, managing emails and blogs, in other aspects.

With everything digital marketing involves (SEO, content marketing, analytics, etc.), it can be hard to decide where to start and, more importantly, to choose what will benefit your business the most. For digital marketing to be effective, you need a strategy that gets activated in campaigns.

Below is a list of the Apporximately popular digital marketing strategies

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Focus on search engines
  • Email marketing segmentation
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Use landing pages
  • Advertising with allies
  • Mobile applications

Focus on Search Engines – Digital Marketing Strategies

It integrates two strategies for generating different types of traffic: organic and paid. The first is search engine optimization (SEO). It consists in configuring the brand’s website, especially the blog section, using the keywords that Internet users use in search engines. The goal is to appear at the top of the results page and get more organic traffic from there.

The second is more sales-focused: it is search engine advertising (SEM), which relies on advertisements for a brand’s products or services, which appear at the top of search engines when users type in certain words or phrases. These fees are calculated based on ad clicks and other criteria.

Email Marketing Segmentation

Email marketing requires targeting a specific segment, because it is likely that one type of email will not be interesting to the entire database. Segment by your age, gender, interests, location, among others. Likewise, it is best if your leads, subscribers, and repeat customers have their own content.

Content Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategies

Create valuable content that provides a solution or knowledge to your target audience; Make users interested in your brand according to inbound marketing methodology. It is also essential that you link your posts to other platforms on the web; For example, to describe an image on social networks, you can add your website link, just like on a website, you can add buttons that redirect to your social networks or a share button in an article.

Social Media Management

Social media advertising and marketing is one of the keys to your digital marketing strategy, so use this valuable tool to promote your products or services. The same platforms include a section for creating ad campaigns and analyzing performance.

Use Landing Pages

Creating a landing page or landing page will make it informal for users to share their contact information (name and email mainly) without distraction, through a form. This way you will achieve more conversions, either by purchasing products, price reports, subscribing to newsletters, enrolling in a course and other offers.

Advertising with allies

When a brand links with third parties to create new spaces to promote their products. For one, you can pay other sites to place your banner ads on; Google Display Network is one of the most popular platforms. Another effective option is to collaborate with influencers to showcase your products on their social networks.

Mobile applications

Many brands have gone a step further to better serve their customers by creating their own mobile app. With that, they offer them exclusive options and services from the comfort of their phones, while serving as an effective marketing vehicle.

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