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23 Apr 2024

Scuff Vantage 2 PlayStation 4 controller review

SCUFF Vantage 2– The SCUFF Vantage 2 is the most up-to-date in its adjustable regulator line and a flat-out fundamental that opens the genuine interactivity capability.

The SCUFF Vantage 2 by is the subsequent development in their adaptable regulator line, and in the wake of expenditure seven days with this gadget, I’ve found that I can presently not live without it.

It isn’t the novel elements that unexpectedly make it a need in my life. The additional buttons are unquestionably satisfying, and the compatible sticks, triggers, fastens, and face plates are an extravagance. So what makes Vantage 2 more not First, however, is that this regulator has turned into my regulator in a concise measure of time. It has a place with me like no other regulator ever has. It could sound exaggerated now, yet when you get one of these in your grasp, tinker with it a piece to get it on the money, you’ll understand you made this thing for yourself and just you, and you won’t ever need to put it down.

Scuf Vantage 2 Controller Overview - PS4 and PC | Scuf Gaming

Tuned to perfection

Before I become soft about how “unique” this thing is, we should go through the highlights that make it not quite the same as your standard Dual Shock 4 remote regulator. There’s a great deal: It begins with a removable faceplate. From that point, you can change the control sticks and D-cushion and even eliminate the thunder packs to make the regulator lighter and broaden the battery duration. All that pops right off and back on with simple, and there is no way you will coincidentally break or lose little parts. It’s intended to be simple to change rapidly.

There’s an assortment of control stick lengths and shapes you can change out if you like more toss or different surfaces, and it accompanies a device to change the strain on each stick. I explored other avenues regarding each of them and found a curved rubbery pair that felt appropriate for me. I supplanted the d-cushion with a directional plate, which I’m sure is intended for battling game players since it makes clears simpler to execute. Yet, I’m enamoured with it even as only a spot to rest my thumb, and I trust it gets embraced by all regulators later on.

On the face plate, you have two self-greasing grating rings that are significantly more intriguing than they sound. Those can likewise be changed out and supplanted. They give me the smoothest skin I’ve ever felt on a control stick.

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Next, your triggers pop off and supplant with longer spurs or various surfaces. I found that more drawn-out ones didn’t feel far improved for me, yet that is somewhat the general purpose: it accompanies numerous choices for redoing that you’ll rapidly track down the put up that is ideal for you.

Under the triggers is another virtuoso plan: two little turning handles set to hinder the distance of your trigger draw. I imply that you can select more limited pull and reset spaces to repurchase vital milliseconds on each trigger force. In cutthroat FPS games, that can mean a tremendous benefit. In Fate 2, I set my right trigger to have the briefest draw and the left catalyst for a more extended one since it ends up on the off chance that you don’t pull the trigger as far as possible, and your sparrow doesn’t go max speed. That will be different for each game—however, it’s not difficult to flip them around and explore.

Before I get into the additional contributions, there’s a USB-Bluetooth flip on the base to switch between wired and remote play and a flip for designing your buttons. They’ve made it cerebrum dead basic: flip the switch, hold the two buttons you need to reinvent, flip the switch back, done. It requires around 10 seconds to program or reconstruct the buttons in any way you need—a piece of cake. There’s likewise a touch sensor that says Vantage 2, where you can slide all over to change your volume. Very helpful and, once more, ought to be on each control made going ahead.

Moving Buttons Reinvents The Controller SCUFF Vantage 2

Not in the least does the Vantage 2 put buttons in better places; it figures out how to keep every one of the buttons in their unique setup too to assist with the expectation to learn and adapt. While you can plan any button you need to any of the new contributions, for most cases, it seems OK to remap the L1 and R1 to the left and right Sax buttons, put X and Square on the left and just external oars and triangle and circle on the left and just inside buttons.

Significant Than The Sum Of Its SCUFF Vantage 2 Parts

Trade-capable face plates and different length control sticks don’t sell a regulator over two times as much as a standard regulator on paper. For my purposes, I ponder how long I spend utilizing my regulator every day and how a regulator affects me. The single gadget that permits me to associate with the virtual experience that I’m having. It’s the expansion of my will, how I particular my thoughts in-game, and how I show my abilities. Is there any good motive why you wouldn’t have any want for an ideal gadget, made for you, BY you? The Vantage 2 didn’t improve me at games. However, it opened my potential more than some other regulator has or can. It eliminates the restrictions or configuration defects managed so long that never genuinely contemplate whether there may be an excellent way.

SCUFF Vantage 2 tracked down an excellent way.

The Vantage 2 comes equipped with additional newly enhanced features, including:

  • Improved High-Performance Grip
  • Upgraded trigger functions
  • PC Customization App for Windows
  • Improved button haptics
  • Refined tactile textures in the faceplate, trigger, bumper, and Sax buttons
  • An enhanced USB connection system

The Vantage 2 conveys a similar ergonomic shape and uneven thumbstick setup as the first. Vantage regulators altogether increment hand use and control with the expansion of more than 15 adjustable capabilities, including:

  • The patented paddle control system
  • Hair triggers and adjustable trigger stops
  • Removable trigger extenders
  • Quick-access remapping switch
  • Removable faceplate and removable vibration modules
  • Advanced audio control
  • Customizable thumb sticks, D-pads, and more

Growing past practical advantages, the Vantage 2 is likewise accessible with a restricted version Present day Warfare plan. Outfitted with extraordinary customization things motivated by military hardware, it is an unquestionable necessity for any Call of Duty fan. Including a tradable faceplate configuration roused by a geographical guide. The regulator likewise flaunts removable vibration modules with imprints to emulate. Expert rifleman scopes, a Vital mission at hand Current Fighting logo on the Touch Cushion, and that’s just the beginning. Additionally, players that buy the SCUFF Vantage 2 Current Fighting will get an in game rifleman scope to enchant for the Extraordinary mission at hand Present day Fighting.

“Quite a while back, we designed the SCUFF to empower gamers to work on their interactivity on frantic shooter games like Vital mission at hand. So, this is a local area we are both energetic and exceptionally drawn in with,” said Ironmonger. “We’ve furnished valuable players with the elite presentation regulators they need to win. Whether playing at home, in competition or somewhere else, SCUFF has become the true regulator in the local area. This restricted release regulator denotes one more exciting part for SCUFF Gaming and the Extraordinary mission at hand establishment.”

The SCUFF Vantage 2, beginning at $169.95 for wired just model, and $199.95 for remote wired model, is accessible for pre-request. In North America starting today on SCUFF. co/vantage2 and GameStop. The SCUFF Vantage 2 Current Fighting beginning at $219.95, is additionally accessible for pre-request at scuff. co/vantage2mw and GameStop. Extra customization, faceplates, and adornment packs for the SCUFF Vantage 2 are additionally accessible at GameStop. The Vantage 2 will begin transporting on October fourteenth, 2019.


SCUFF Gaming, pioneer and maker of elite execution gaming regulators, gave unrivalled frill and redid gaming regulators for control centres. And PCs that involve top proficient and easy going gamers. Worked to particular, SCUFF regulators offer various practical and configuration highlights. Exclusively worked to increment hand use and improve ongoing interaction. Ninety-five conceded licenses cover SCUFF regulator highlights, one more 53 forthcoming applications, zeroing on four critical regions of a regulator. The back-control works and handles, the trigger control systems, the thumbstick control region and the side-mounted configurable SaxTM button positions.

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Scuff Vantage 2 PlayStation 4 controller review

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