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22 Apr 2024

Examples Of Successful Digital Marketing Strategies



In one of the areas with the most competition, such as transportation through apps, Cabify has managed to differentiate itself because its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its vehicles is more than an isolated campaign, as it is built into its business philosophy and global strategy.

Under these principles, he has become known successfully on the Internet and on social networks, especially through the use of paid advertising on sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

In addition, one of its foundations is customer feedback on its direct competence. Thus, they have been able to focus on learning from the experiences of other companies and provide some additional value compared to the current offering. Thanks to this, they have made their way into corporate services and among individuals who want a more exclusive transportation option


Understanding your audience and choosing the right channels is one of the most valuable stages in your marketing strategy, and online clothing brand Shein has understood that perfectly. By advertising through influencers on Instagram, they have focused on the visual promotion of their products, to the extent that they have specialists who analyze the profiles of interested fashion bloggers.

Their Instagram stories are an essential part of their tactics. This brand maintains a sales policy and discount codes that help in attracting and retaining its customers.


Grammarly is a brand whose marketing strategy focuses on social networks, in the case of individual buyers, as well as showing its usefulness to universities, workplaces and government offices, which are now some of its main customers.

You will notice that their advertisements focus on the usefulness of the products, both for those who speak English as a language and for students of this language. With the help of its free version, it reaches millions of users.native

Marcado Libre

One of the most popular online stores in Latin America has designed a digital marketing strategy to build customer loyalty, which consists in giving them points for every purchase they make, which puts them on a certain level.

As users place more orders, their level will be raised and so will their list of benefits and discounts. It’s a great idea on Mercado Libre’s part, considering it’s more expensive for a brand to obtain a new customer than it is to retain the customer it already has.


It is one of the main competitions on YouTube; However, what makes this platform different is that it specializes in video games and allows users to live stream their gameplay. It has emerged as a solution for gamers who don’t want to worry about editing their videos, so it gives the option to display their face and their game screen at the same time. Their digital marketing strategies focus on the characteristics of their product, thus they have been able to reach millions of subscribers.

In addition, they benefit from having influencers join their platform as a way to invite new users, who remain a loyal audience.


“Do us a flavor” is a fried food branding contest that started in the United States; He encourages people to go to Lay’s website, suggest a new flavor, bag design and suggest three ingredients. Then, he selects three finalists to send into production and put them up for sale.

After that, he again invites the audience to vote for the best flavor on social networks, and the winner gets one million dollars. This dynamic was repeated in different countries for several years in a row with great success.

We’ve pu together this collection of essential tips to help you create an effective digital marketing strategy and guide your business on the right path to online success.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by Ana Isabel Sordo, but has been edited and updated by Laura Silva for relevance and understanding.

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