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11 Jul 2024

Otto Versand Online Shop Deutschland


Otto Versand Online Shop Deutschland is still a fundamental part of OTTO’s business model today – a quarter of a century later. The only difference is that the former Otto Versand by phone? For phone orders, you have two options: you can call OTTO hotline using number 01806 30 30 30 as the first option. On the other hand, German callers have to pay about 20 cents per call made through a landline. If you call from a mobile, the call will cost 60 cents. is now in the center of the biggest upheaval in the company’s history: on the way from online retailer to platform with a marketplace on which other providers sell their products alongside OTTO.

Otto Versand Online Shop Deutschland

And that the online shop is no longer the only way to shop at OTTO. In addition to traffic via the web shop, the e-commerce company’s main focus is on the app. It now accounts for over a third of OTTO’s sales. “But the online shop and the app are not mutually exclusive.

Shop and app celebrate

In a birthday campaign, OTTO is celebrating its 25-year online presence in the shop and in the app with its customers. Apart from concentrating on the products and services, the Hamburg-based e-commerce company is putting much emphasis on the birthday treats, specific brand offers on the app as well as competitions. The mini-campaign shall be on course from 1st September to 1st November 2020.

Live Shopping at OTTO Teleshopping in online retail?

Product proximity, inspiration and a direct line to customers. This is the goal OTTO is pursuing with video streams in its own online shop – and thus reaches up to 60,000 live viewers per show. But what do such shopping shows look like? Who tunes in and what does OTTO really achieve with these shows?

Customer focus

Concrete floor, white tables and a large screen in the background. And in the front of the picture: presenter Jenny Augusta, who is discussing the new smartphones from Samsung with a technology expert. This is more or less what the backdrop of OTTO’s Live Shopping Show looks like. The set and equipment change depending on the theme of the shopping show, but basic elements such as chat, product displays and direct contact with viewers remain the same. In a nutshell, that’s live shopping at OTTO.

More than teleshopping 2.0

Live shopping, which has long been a billion-dollar market in China, is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The reason for this is not only the advisory function in e-commerce, but also the targeted control of content to specific target groups. With this format, brands can reach exactly those buyers online who are interested in their product ranges.

Otto Versand Online Shop Deutschland

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The Otto online shop is the online shop that has already made a name for itself as a mail order company with the latest women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, shoes, furniture, home textiles, multimedia and many other product categories. You have been able to order online here since 1995 and not only browse through the range at, but also place your order. The fashion is always up to date and many trendy brands such as Next, Buffalo, Esprit and Apart are of course represented at Otto.

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