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23 Apr 2024


Carpenter Technology – Specialty cast-wrought, powder-metallurgy, and titanium alloys are produced by Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS). Lets begin, Carpenter’s extensive range of products comprises titanium alloys, high temperature (iron-nickel-cobalt base), stainless, controlled expansion, superior corrosion resistance, and implantable alloys in addition, to tool and die steels and other speciality metals.

Whereas, The product forms include billet, hollow and multi-dimensional forged bars, cold finished bars, strip and plate, wire and rod, and loose gas atomized metal powders. In addition, Amega West manufactures finely machined drilling components for the oil and gas sector. And equally, Alloys Operations and Performance Engineered Products comprise Corporation’s two divisions.

Although, Carpenter’s SAO facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia offer customers long product forms of cast/wrought stainless steel. Such as, High temperature, high-strength steels, magnetic and exact expansion alloys, and tool and die steels by embracing best-in-class manufacturing practices. So, Along with these additional services, SAO also offers contract manufacturing, alloy conversion from customer-owned stock, and the creation of custom tools and parts that meet your most exacting specifications.

In addition, to meet the needs of a moving world for speciality materials, Carpenter runs several businesses under the PEP division. Even though, The production of metal powders and titanium alloys, as well as the distribution of a range of metallic alloys in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, are among the goods and services offered.

However, The demographic backgrounds of the employees at Technology are highly diversified. Such as, In the company, women comprise 21.3% of the workforce, and ethnic minorities make up 31.7%. Whereas, Employee political views reflect the diversity among Technology employees.

So, With 52.2% Democrats and 47.8% Republicans, it has a politically diversified workforce that reflects an appropriate mix of political ideologies. Further more, the employees seem content despite their divergent political views. Hence, Employees typically stay with the company for 8.2 years, demonstrating the organization’s excellent employee retention.

Moreover, Carpenter Technology’s average yearly salary for employees is $51,369. Hence,  salary is considerably less than that of some of its highest-paying rivals, such as General Electric, IDEX, and Chemtura Corp. Therefore, who pay $86,183, $75,500, and $72,482, respectively.

What is the average salary for Carpenter Technology Corp employees in the United States?

Similarly, Carpenter Technology Corp has an average annual salary of $74,510, ranging from $66,099 to $84,103. But, of course, individual compensation will differ depending on the position, division, and region, as well as each person’s unique abilities and education.

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Whereas, Carpenter Technology Corporation produces, fabricates, and exports specialized metals worldwide. Besides this, Speciality Alloys Operations and Performance Engineered Products are the company’s two business divisions. And also It provides drilling tools and specialized alloys such as titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, tool steels, and metal powders and components.

In addition, the business provides consumer, industrial, energy, medical, transportation, and aerospace services. As well as, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serves as Technology Corporation’s home office, established in 1889.

Jobs and Pay at Carpenter Technology Corp.

Nowhere, Find out what Carpenter Technology Corp. and should be paying you. Although, The location, department, and job description affect the average compensation for  Technology Corp positions. Thus, Here again, is a list of the works and pay at Technology Corp. Hence, To display the pay range and total compensation for a job, click on the name of the position.

Accounting (RMS) Intern $88,797 Carpenter Technology Corp
Area Manager – Maintenance $96,301  Technology Corp
Area Manager – Manufacturing (Melt) $87,233 Carpenter Technology Corp
Business Development / Customer Service Intern $73,870 Technology Corp
Communications Intern $163,198 Carpenter Technology Corp
Customer Service Rep – Washington, PA $38,774 Carpenter Technology Corp
Cybersecurity Manager $188,664 Carpenter Technology Corp
Data Analyst, Steel Processing $94,906 Carpenter Technology Corp
Department Manager – Maintenance $90,777 Carpenter Technology Corp
Electrical Maintenance Technician $51,601 Technology Corp

Carpenter Technology Corp Positions Available

What examples of standard job titles and locations at Technology Corp?

Nowhere, The location, responsibilities, skills, experience, and other requirements for a particular job may affect the pay ranges for people with the same job title. Equally important, You can start looking for jobs in different places by entering the title and locations.


Locations and average salaries for Carpenter Technology Corp

Moreover, Carpenter Technology Corp’s yearly salary in the US is $74,510. However, The headquarters of Corp. is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as seen from the company’s site. Further more, Average earnings might vary greatly depending on the area and the local economy. Equally important, Click the more locations icon to access additional pay statistics and explore other Corp locations.


Finally, Here are some opinions on Technology Corp. So, Reviews of the company’s culture, working environment, rewards, pay scales, and educational possibilities that can be useful. Technology Corp. Additionally, they could divulge details or offer advice regarding the qualifications needed for interviews and other aspects. That could be helpful when applying for a job at that company.

In conclusion,reviews may also draw attention to any unfavorable qualities of a business. And that might be used to judge it more favorably as a potential job.

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